The Assassin’s Beauty Audiobook


A tale of a Japanese ninja falling for an African-american teacher visiting Japan. As they are total opposites, they do not like each other at first but eventually fall in love after a chance encounter.


The Assassin’s Beauty Audiobook message is that finding your soulmate doesn’t always mean it’s the person you expected.

Riku Hiroshi spends his days in the shadow. A skilled and lethal ninja, he is at the top of his game. The one thing, he is missing is that special someone to share his life with, but how can he when danger lurks around every corner? His carefully manicured life is thrown into chaos the day his path crosses Natasha Smith, and he saves her life.
A young teacher visiting Japan, she is taken off guard when Riku sweeps in to protect her from a gang of street thugs. Feeling obligated, she invites him to dinner to show her appreciation. It should have ended there, but a sinister man wants Riku dead and will stop at nothing to achieve this.

He deploys his best people to hunt Riku, and now Natasha, down. It is a deadly game of cat and mouse neither is sure they can survive. Somewhere along the way, they discover hidden truths and come to understand that the heart wants what it wants.

Can love win through the cultural differences before danger finds them?

The illustration of an interracial relationship cannot be more romantic than in The Assassin’s Beauty.  It depicts the power of love.  In addition, this must-read for lovers of romance offers a unique blend of action, comedy, and romance in the novel.

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